Born into a family of physicians, Kaushik (b.1977) was also carried the lineage by completing his formal education in medicine from University of Calcutta. His upbringing was hugely influenced by the typical cultural ambience of a middleclass Bengali family of Kolkata (earlier Calcutta), with the introduction of the visual arts and world literatures. Apart from the formal training in Fine Arts during his childhood, photography was simultaneously introduced to him by his father, an eminent physician, who was very passionate to photograph his patients, their visible complaints and documenting the treatment progress. In 2011, Kaushik left his job of corporate healthcare to take photography as a full time passion and profession to experiment and apply it as a visual tool in different layers of Education, especially in Medicine and School Education.

Today, he is only medical documentarian in India (and Asia), who is solely working on Application of Photography (and visual art) in different aspects of Medicine and Medical Humanities. Influenced by his father’s unique interest in photography and encouraged by senior photographer Sri Prabhas Roy of Hindustan Times, Kaushik willingly chose to explore this lesser known field to align his formal training in medicine with his passion of photography (and visual arts) for contributing in the field of medical education & research, better patient care and mass communication. Apart from his personal affection towards Surgery and its associated domains, Kaushik is also trying to establish a new genre of visual communication in medicine in India which he calls “Visual Narrative Medicine” – a combination of medical photography, multimedia narrative, visual anthropology, medical humanities (visual art) and public health/social medicine and will be designed to train the doctors to become better listeners and storytellers.

Since 2014, Kaushik played the pivotal role as an integral part of the core team that involves in formulating and commencing India and Asia’s first graduation course (B.Sc.) in Medical and Scientific Photography under Dept. of Clinical Photography at India’s premiere medical institute, Post Graduate Insititute of Medical Education & Research (PGI Chandigarh), India. As the Technical Advisor, he designed the entire course and the syllabus having inputs from international experts in this field.

In the area of Public Health, he began a long-term investigating visual reportage in 2013 on the lesser-known Encephalitis endemic of Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh. that is claiming nearly 700 child deaths during each monsoon since 1978. The project is withheld because of lack of fund, but caught the media and public attention in 2017 after the massacre happened in BRD Medical College in August that claimed 70 odd child deaths in a week.

Other than his medical and health projects, Kaushik is actively undertaking experimental projects to apply photography in school education to make classroom learning interactive & multidirectional. His goal is to use this visual medium to create positive impact in the social and cognitive development of the school going children, which in turn will help them to grow as the responsible citizens of this Earth with distinct vision and logical mind.

Being an avid traveller, Kaushik also has keen interest in travel photography especially portraying the intertwined relationship between man and his environment. Kaushik became a regular contributor of Getty Images in 2012. His photographs have been widely published in several national and international print and digital media. Apart from his medical photography assignments and personal projects in education, Kaushik also had undertaken few other commissioned projects for national and international agencies as well as NGOs since 2011.


Publication of images for editorials, periodicals or commercials:

2017: Bennett Coleman & Company Ltd (India) ■ Cambridge University Press (UK) ■ ■ Smith Global Ltd. (UK) ■ UNILEVER UKCR Ltd (UK) ■ Wava Truscott (US).

2016: AOL Photo (US) ■ PA (US) ■ Bennett Coleman & Company Ltd (India) ■ Barrie DRozario DiLorenzo (for Minnesota University, US) ■ Bauer Publishing Print (Poland) ■ Cambridge University Press (UK) ■ Nine Media Corporation CNN ■ (Philippines) ■ Purestyle SAS (France) ■ Woven Digital LLC (US)

2015: AOL Photo (US) ■ BBC (UK) ■ Express Newspaper Ltd (UK) ■ Fairfax Group (Australia) ■ Helen Von Trotsenburg (UK) ■ Microsoft Multimedia Publishing (US) ■ National Geographic (India) ■ Tower Business Communications (UK)

2014: AOL Photo (US) ■ Absolute Publishing (UK) ■ Axel Springer AG (Germany) ■ Bennett Coleman & Company Ltd (India) ■ Google Inc (US) ■ Microsoft Multimedia Publishing (US)

2013: Getty Images (China) ■ Oxford University Press (INDIA)

Personal Projects:

2013 – 2014: Monsoon of Death – an ‘incomplete’ long-term visual narrative project on Encephalitis Endemic of Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh to assess the morbidity and mortality of children in every monsoon as well as creating the mass awareness for government intervention; supported by Ishtihaar and published by Down To Earth (2014), Photojournale (2016) and (2017).

2017: Currently working on a long-term scientific imaging project to assess the individual cognitive and behavioural pattern of autistic children that will help the behavioural therapists and developmental pediatricians to create therapeutic plans for individual child. The project is continuing in collaboration with Udbhaas Child Development Centre, Kolkata.

2017:  Proposed a scientific imaging project to a city based neuroscience institute to scientifically capture ‘Gaits and Facies’ of various neurological disorders by using various scientific imaging techniques and publish the entire work as a visual handbook for medical education.

Major Commissions and Assignments:

2015 – 2016: Produced the visuals for the Annual Report on CSR initiatives in the rural West Bengal by RP-Sanjiv Goenka Group.

2014 – 2015: Assigned by International Crop Research Institute for Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT) for a special scientific (laboratory) imaging project on crop researches.

2013 – 2014: Multiple assignments for Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA) to produce visual narratives for mass awareness about different health and education initiatives in rural West Bengal.

2012 & 2013: Assigned by UNESCO / Centre for Advancement of Traditional Building Technology and Skills (CATTS) to use scientific imaging for restoration of thousand years old Shekhawati Heritage of Rajasthan and raising public awareness.

2010 – 2011: Assigned to capture the festivities and culture of Northeast India to produce the Calendar of 2011 for Lafarge India Pvt. Ltd

2010 – 2011: Produced a short-film on a rural healthcare initiative in Northeast India by Govt. of India and World Bank.

Lectures and Seminars:

2014: Invited in 10th International Photography Conference at Birla Industrial & Technological Museum, Kolkata held in 24-Jan-2014 to deliver a lecture on – “DOCUMENTING HEALTH: THE MISSING LINK OF INDIAN HEALTHCARE SYSTEM”. There were about 600 invitees and delegates from all across the globe involved in practicing different genre of photography and imaging technologies.

2014: Invited by PGIMER Chandigarh, to deliver the prestigious “SATURDAY TALK” on “DOCUMENTING HEALTH: THE MISSING LINK OF INDIAN HEALTHCARE SYSTEM” held in 19-Jul-2014. The lecture was delivered in presence of the delegates from different institutes who are directly involved in medical education and research.


2017: Interviewed by, for the withheld documentary on Encephalitis Endemic of Gorakhpur, U.P.

2017: Interviewed by The Indian Express about the upcoming graduation course on Medical Photography at PGIMER Chandigarh (30 June 2017)

2014: “Click the Sick” – an interview published in Down To Earth as one of the country’s few practitioners of Medical and Scientific Imaging (Issue: Jan 1-15, 2014).

2014: Times of India did an interview regarding the proposed graduation course on Medical and Scientific Imaging at PGIMER Chandigarh.

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