“I’m an apprentice in couple of crafts, where no one ever becomes a Master. I’m a mere learner of two greatest discoveries of mankind, Medicine & Photography – and tries to unite them under one umbrella. I’m doing nothing new or amazing. I’m just trying to regain a disregarded yet significant segment of photography (and medicine) in the digital era of India. My mission is to promote the practice of “Application of Photography for visual narration of Medicine & Medical Humanities” in India; and my dream is to integrate the subject with healthcare ecosystem of India for better communication, documentation, education and research”.


Brief Biography:

Born: 1977 at Calcutta, India

Kaushik Ghosh is one of the very few independent photography practitioner from India (and Asia) working in the field of Medicine, Surgery and Medical Humanities. Since 2011, he tries to promote the practice of Medical Photography & Illustration in India through his personal initiative  called “Documenting Medicine”. He is one of those few people responsible for the commencement of a full-time graduation course on Medical & Scientific Photography, Medical Animation & Audiovisual Creation under Dept. of Medical Photography at PGI Chandigarh, first of its kind in India as well as Asia. Kaushik is also associated with Dept. of Medical Photography, PGI Chandigarh as a Consultant and Technical Advisor. Prior to join this professional field in 2011, he was associated with one of the leading corporate healthcare group of India (2004-2009) and also responsible to lead a World Bank initiated rural health project implementation in Northeast India (2009-2011). Kaushik completed his graduation in Medicine and Surgery in 2001.

  • Independent Documentarian and Multimedia Narrator (Medical Photography and Medical Humanities).
  • Consultant & Technical Advisor, Department of Medical Photography, PGI Chandigarh.
  • Contributing editorial photographer and author at Down To Earth (Centre for Science and Environment, New Delhi).
  • Editorial & creative contributor at Getty Images.
  • Ex-Consulting Director, Visual Communications in Health and Education at Ahead Initiatives/Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA).
  • Ex-Consultant of Visual Communication in Healthcare at Gerson Lehrman Group (GLG Research).

Name of the agencies / corporates / media houses for major Project Assignments, Commissions and Publications (2011-Current): ■ PA Absolute Publishing (UK) ■ AOL Inc. (USA) ■ Axel Springer AG (Germany) ■ BBC ■ Bauer Publishing Print ■  Bennett Coleman & Company Ltd. (INDIA) ■ CATTS / UNESCO (INDIA) ■ Danish International Development Agency (DENMARK) ■ Down To Earth (INDIA) ■ Express Newspaper Ltd. (UK) ■ Getty Images ■ Minnesota University ■ Google Inc. (USA) ■ International Crop Research Institute for Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT), United Nations (INDIA) ■ Lafarge India ■ Microsoft (UK) ■ ■ National Geographic (INDIA) ■ Oxford University Press (INDIA) ■ Photojournal-e ■ RP-Sanjjev Goenka Group (INDIA) ■ ■ Université de Montréal (CANADA) ■ United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) ■ Unilever U KCR LTD ■ World Bank / Ministry of Labour and Employment, Govt. of India etc. etc.

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