Coalescing Visual Narratives, Medicine and Humanities by Dr. Kaushik Ghosh

It’s official: National Entrance for Medical Photography course will be held in August 2017

June 27, 2017 Medical Photography

For first time in India, Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER) Chandigarh, India’s premiere medical institute and also Institute of National Importance, is introducing a new 3 years degree course on Medical and Scientific Photography / Imaging under Department of Clinical Photography. The course will commence from September 2017 to teach various photographic applications in medical science along with digital Illustrations, medical animation and developing audiovisual content for patient care, medical education and research. In this B.Sc. course,Read More

Cavern To Canvas: Illustrations and Paintings in Medicine

June 21, 2017 Medical Photography

A common error is to think of medical photography as just one new speciality among many, yet medical illustration is as old as medicine itself and the present is only a very short interval of time between the past and the future. [1] This is an invariable truth that paintings and illustrations is as old as mankind itself and photography is too young to compare. The precursor of photography was the Camera Obscura (Latin; camera for “vaulted chamber/room”, obscura forRead More

Expressing Autism

[This (ongoing) experimental project is inspired by the research work of Dr. Noah J. Sasson & Daniel Faso of School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences, UT Dallas.] Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a developmental disorder involving qualitative impairments in social interaction. One source of those impairments is difficulties creating facial expressions of emotion (fear, sadness, anger or happiness). Individuals with ASD can have very expressive faces, but the emotions conveyed could sometimes seem overly intense and unusual, for us whoRead More

Lights & Shades of O.R.

May 25, 2017 Medical Photography

It’s a small, cold and sterile battlefield. Some people behind the blue masks are going to start a battle against some odds to restore the health of a person who is sleeping quietly on a table. Every step is crucial, every dose of anaesthesia and each incision must be calculated; one wrong act can put the life in jeopardy. The overhead lights make the entire ambience theatrical. It’s all set to start a silent drama where each act is preciousRead More

Decoding Language of Street Psychology

Body languages (including postures & gestures) are quite integral part of clinical psychology; and I believe it’s quite important for photography too. Body language is the language of the body. We may think that we are only showing our emotions through our face; but that is, quite literally, only the tip of the iceberg. Our entire body, through it’s postures & gestures, participates in the business of either showing or hiding our mental state. Body language is extremely visual; observingRead More

Gorakhpur Encephalitis Endemic

Every year, some thousands of children of different states of India become victims of Acute Encephalitic Syndrome (AES). AES is an umbrella term for all clinical-neurological manifestations of inflammatory brain diseases caused by wide range of viruses, bacteria, fungus, parasites, spirochetes, chemical and toxins. The disease is mostly affecting children up to age group of 15 with high mortality rate or leaves them with permanent neuropsychiatric disabilities. Gorakhpur of Uttar Pradesh and its surrounding areas are one of the worstRead More

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