Dr. Kaushik Ghosh is the first Indian recipient of Imaging Scientist Qualification from The Royal Photographic Society.

Dr. Kaushik Ghosh (b.1977) is an Indian Medical Artist and Imaging Scientist specialised in Medical Photography, Medical Cinematography, and Visual Narrative. Kaushik is the pioneer in establishing Asia’s first Science Graduate programme in Medical & Scientific Photography at Post Graduate Insititute of Medical Education & Research (PGIMER) Chandigarh. Kaushik is the first Indian recipient of Graduate Imaging Scientist (GIS) Qualification and Associate (ARPS) Distinction from The Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain (RPS) for his work and contribution in the field of medical & scientific photography in India. He is also the first Indian representative in the Committee of Medical Group of RPS.

Kaushik is a medical graduate by formal education. Instead of practicing medicine, he is living with a mission to establish the Medical Art and Humanities in the mainstream medical education and healthcare ecosystem of India. With this vision, Kaushik founded “Medical Art & Humanities Foundation of India (MAAHFI)”, first of its kind non-profit organisation to promote Medical Art and Humanities among medicos, other health professionals, and the mass. Since 2011, he is experimenting with his photography skill intertwined with his medical knowledge to apply in the field of patient care, medical education, medical humanities as well as for visual communication for public relation etc. He is also using photography for studying the intertwining relationship between man and medicine in daily life by observing human emotions & facial expressions, culture & religion, body language & other non-verbal communications, social & political environment etc.

Dr. Ghosh is providing professional consultancy in medical art and photography for better patient care, medical education, healthcare promotion and public relation. He also conducts refresher workshops for medicos and other health professionals on the application of photography in medicine and visual narrative medical humanities.

By visiting this LINK, you can also become a part of the movement of Medical Art and support Kaushik’s Passion. 


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